Super Group began with the founding of drilling Rigs in early 80's by four brothers from krukshetra (India). This was a very peak time for this company to get into the market of drilling line and compete with other existing companies in India.

In 1990 after getting good responce from the market of drilling industry, our engineers started designing manufacturing water well drilling rigs with the brand name of Super Engineers Works.

In 2000, super group after having 20 years experiance in drilling industry came up with an idea for making Vee wire screen which used in the assembly of water well for improving the quality and life of water well, to develop and create a new in-house brand and Super filteration Systems Ind Pvt Ltd. was born. The Super brand has since gained both recognition and popularity in the India and overseas and underpins the growth of the business.

The growing sucess of super group got a excelent approch for expantion in the market and making customer satisfation at their best. Up till 2005 the business undertook a successful flotation in making a good market of Vee wire screen , Pre pack Screen, cone inverted wire screen, cylinder screen ,brige slot pipe with brand name of Super Screen. Today, via its owned offices and agents and websites and via its network of marketing, Super Group has its presence in market of countires like Malasiya, Bangladesh, Nigir, Uae, sudan , Nepal and more