Cage type v wire wound screen

Features: 1. Super Screens are more suitable for the construction of high-quality water wells, oil wells and gas wells because of high open area. 2. Low cost operation: Screens with high open area shall favour groundwater in Filtration. Abundant water shall reduce the drawdown inside the well, thus reducing energy demand on the pump. 3. Reduce the abrasion of the pump: Under the same condition,

Bridge Slot

We are one-step ahead of our competitors in manufacturing and supplying a qualitative range of Industrial Bridge Slots. These are precisely engineered using high quality components sourced from reliable vendors of industry. Some of the key features which make these devices one of the preferred choices of clients are durability, precision engineering, accurate dimensions, rugged construction and high functionality. These devices are reasonably priced

Pre Pack Screen

Pre-Pack screens are manufactured with a wire designed to yield a minimum collapse pressure of 1000 PSI at a design slot opening of 0.75 mm. The wire shape shall cause the slot opening to widen inwardly to minimize clogging. The minimum screen tensile strength exceeds 2 times the total Hang Weight of screen and blank casing below the top screen joint. The tensile strength of these screens is around 67500 lb for 8 x 10 inches screens.

Cylinder type Screen

Our customers can avail from us an excellent quality range of V Wire Wrapped Super Screen Cylinders with following features: Materials: 304, 302, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel wire Or low carbon galvanized steel. The wire is wedge shaped. The rods could be round or triangular. O.D:1 INCH-40 INCH Styles of connection: by welding or by threaded male/female coupling. Standard length : 3m/5.85m The slot : 0.1mm-30mm

Supers flat screens

Supers flat screens can be fabricated with very small wires and rods for critical fine-screening operations, or with much larger wires and rods for heavy-duty operations. The slot size is determined according to the customer’s needs and application. Currently used as: • Filter floors • Support grids • Static grids • Vibrating screens • Floor grates


These assemblies consist of a series of screen laterals connected to either a central header pipe or a hub. they are designed for effective media retention in a wide range of applications, including ion exchangers, clay and sand filtration applications, and carbon towers. BENEFITS The design allows a uniform collection or distribution flow of a gas or liquid through treatment media without dead zones

Cone v – Wire screen

This type of wire mesh filter screen is mainly applied in chemical, pharmaceutical, and beverage industries. Due to the feature of cone-shape, it can make the media get the better diversion, separation and filtration. Material: 304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel. Features: 1) Cone –shaped filter screens as per customer's requirements 2) Widest possible range in microns